Drawbacks of running Kodi on Roku

It is found that people who are using Kodi and Roku individually tends to use the combination of both as well. Officially there are no options to make this combination possible. But there are some work arounds available which will help the users to run Kodi on their Roku devices.There are a lot of benefits in running Kodi on your Roku devices. But along with it the combination has some drawbacks as well. Here we are mainly discussing about the drawbacks of this process.

Safety is one of the basic function of the Roku devices. It is designed in such a way that it will be able to perform legal actions only. The Roku devices has a directory of its own and allows the users to stream contents from that directory only. I will provide an example so that you can understand it better. Torrent is a software which is considered to be illegal in countries like US & UK and hence Roku doesn’t support streaming from torrent to guarantee the security of the users. But once you run the Kodi on your Roku devices, this safety is the first thing that you will lose. Because Kodi supports torrent with the help of an add-on and the combination forces the Roku also to run it.

Apart from Torrent there are a lot of other add-ons also which the Kodi supports. Once you cast the Kodi genesis on Roku device all those add-ons will be then cast on the Roku as well. This decreases the level of security of the device to a great extent. This is the main thing that all the users should be aware of while planning for the Kodi on Roku streaming stick. But it is a fact that users who are trying to make the combination also intends to run all those add-ons and hence doesn’t care about it.